Intensive Legal Workshop

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 2 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Location: Academy C

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Title: Intensive Legal Workshop


Two of the main legal issues you grapple with every day in your self-storage operation are the rental agreement and tenant defaults. Both are critical. In this workshop, our presenter will address these lynchpin topics plus many others that greatly impact the success of your business. Not only will he review the most important provisions that need to be in your lease, he’ll explain what they mean, so you understand how to use them. He’ll also discuss ways to protect your operation from liability when enforcing a default, along with verbiage you should never use with a tenant. Anyone who owns or manages a self-storage facility will get tremendous value from this intensive session!

You’ll learn:

  • What provisions must be in your rental agreement
  • What all those important clauses actually mean
  • What to do when you discover a tenant is deceased
  • How to determine when and if a storage unit is abandoned
  • How to proceed when a storage unit is confirmed as abandoned
  • Words not to use with tenants
  • The legal differences between enclosed and outdoor vehicle storage 

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Type: Workshops


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